Saturday, April 17, 2010

life happens while you wait might as well get going

So it has been a while and looking back I do apologize for writing like a 10 yr. old. I think it's becuz I can't type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts and my brain slowsss downnn

I have a part time a.m. job helping my community to feed people in need and early bird is the word. I've just acclimated to this altitude and my lungs are adjusting nicely. Art is in everything I do so my meals are colorful and symmetrical whenever possible and I try to maintain a good attitude throughout the process to feed the spirits as well as the tummy's.

This is creativity at another level and my guides have me learning much about determination and surrender which are sometimes opposing forces, not tooo bad though.
I'm excited for spring and basically excited. Sit-ups come in handy lately and dancing. Earning a living is tricky and sometimes evasive but drowning in abundance so worth the feelings to make it so.
I'm told my work is simple and evocative;

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