Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ta Da here it is...

I'm posting my latest granite flower sculpture for you. It has a 12" bronze insert and a good amount of weight to it; from conception to finish about a years' worth of attention and varying degrees of energies. I'm exhausted and content and will take a couple of weeks to decompress. I'm referring to the center of it as the fourth dimension bcuz that's where you can go if you are willing and able. Because my work was co-created with my art spirit helpers, there is alot of information they pass through me. This aspect of my art is alot of fun for me to learn and grow with.

Friday, September 11, 2009

sometimes you eat the stone, sometimes the stone eats you

...this is so very true; parts of the stone are soft and other parts super hard. This helps to remind me of the living quality that initially formed it ages ago.

It sometimes takes me 3 hours before I can get in flow with my work. As my deadline approaches It seems to take less time. Today was a good work day; I felt a part of some larger creative force field and comforted by being present. Today the stone yielded to my every move and co-operated like a true co-creation! I love these days and now know better than to take them for granted.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

back to it

....deadline pressure, can I make it, yes? ...ok really i can do it I will do it I must do it.. My mind is saying compound curves are fun now that I've spent hours perfecting them (thank god for more stone).
On to the next layer of petals; not so many curves, veins baby veins. -Have new diamonds to finish and will be getting to it soon. May the highest creativity find me today and guide my hands cuz I need assistants! hahaha- where oh where have they gone?